House Rules 

Example of Resident Handbook        
Breckenridge Property Management Inc. would like to welcome you to your new home. The office address, hours and telephone numbers for your apartment community are:
Office Address:
7367 Meander Drive,# 2
Rockford, IL.  61107
Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 9-5
Saturday by Appointment Only
After Hours Showing by Appointment Only
Telephone Number: 815.229.3310
Fax:  815.229.4006
Emergency 1-815-229-3310  (After hours answered by service)
The purpose of these policies is to allow each resident to enjoy his/her apartment and the entire community and to ensure the safety of residents and the appearance of the community. Residents in an apartment community assume certain responsibilities that go along with the benefits of an apartment lifestyle. Basically, these responsibilities are common policies of etiquette.
By reference, these rules and regulations are a part of your lease, and are as binding as your lease agreement.
Security Deposits
Your security deposit is governed by the terms of the Security Deposit Agreement executed by you at the time of the entry into the Lease. Refund of all or any portion of the security deposit is governed by the terms of said Security Deposit Agreement. Refunds, if any, will be made to you according to said Agreement within forty-five (45) days after you furnish notice of a forwarding address to which said refund can be mailed. The resident must notify Landlord within 4 days after vacating the premise of forwarding address. If forwarding address is not received, the Landlord is relieved of sending an itemized list of damages within thirty (30) days. Said refund or invoice, as the case may be, shall be accompanied by an accounting showing your entitlement to refund, lack thereof, or remaining indebtedness owing to your apartment community.
Your rental payment must be received by Management on or before the 1st day of each month by the delivery of payment to the apartment office or by mailing your check or money order, NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED, at the office address.
Time is of the essence in your payment of rent. Your failure to pay rent on or before the 1st of the month will result in the assessment of a late fee of Fifty dollars ($50.00) on the 6th day of the month. In the event you fail to pay rent plus the late fee, eviction proceedings will be commenced against you. There will be a Fifty Dollar ($50.00) service charge on all NSF checks. After incurring one non-sufficient funds (NSF) check, only money orders of cashier’s checks will be accepted by the Landlord for all monies due from the resident.
To be economical in use of water.
To keep noise at a minimum.
To “police” your front, side, rear yards, walks and dumpster areas for trash and personal property. (I.e. motorcycles, bicycles and toys.)
To conform to all the provisions of the lease.
To be held responsible and financially liable for any damage caused by members of your household and guests.
To be held responsible for the conduct of members of your household and guests.
To notify management of any changes in household composition.
A. No soliciting or commercial canvassing is permitted in the community.
B. Consideration should be given to your neighbors concerning maintaining a minimum level of noise, especially between 10:00 pm. and 7:00 am.
C. Disorderly conduct, abusive language, or acts of domestic violence will not be tolerated and will be grounds for terminating your lease.
D. The apartment community is not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, winds, floods, flooding, or other natural acts,which are beyond its control.
E. The apartment community is not responsible for any personal injury to individuals using any of the recreational facilities or common areas located on the premises.
F. Residents are forbidden from creating any hazardous condition, which would adversely affect the health and safety of the population and buildings of this apartment community, which would create a fire hazard or cause insurance rates to be increased.
G. Cultivation, manufacture, use or sale of illegal drugs anywhere on the premises is strictly prohibited.
H. Air rifles, BB guns, bows and arrows or other guns and dangerous objects may not be used or stored on the premises. An exception will be made for Law Enforcement and Security Personnel.
I. Any complaints you have should be in writing and signed. It is management’s desire to respond to all complaints within 24 hours unless the complaint occurs on a weekend or holiday. Emergencies will receive immediate attention.
J. For security purposes, notify management of any extended absences.
A. Only 2 vehicles shall be parked per apt. If not in use, vehicles should be taken elsewhere for proper parking or storage, or will be tagged for towing at vehicle owner’s expense.  Guests must park in front of buildings .
B. No repairs of vehicles are permitted on the property or in the roadways.
C. The 10 M.P.H. speed limits in the apartment community must be observed at all times and drivers must be alert for pedestrians.
D. Unlicensed or inoperable cars will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.
E. General parking areas are for the exclusive use of the residents and their guests only.  You have one parking space behind your building for your use only and your garage.  All guests must park in front of the building.  If we find an unauthorized vehicle parked in the back, we will have it towed away at the vehicle owner's expense.
F. The parking or storage of boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, or semi tractors on the property is strictly prohibited.
G. Keep all vehicles off the grass.
A. Community buildings, recreational facilities and common areas are provided for your convenience and pleasure. You have a responsibility to use the facilities with respect for others and keep them as you found them.
B. Recreational facilities including pools, playgrounds and basketball courts, are for residents and their guests only. You must accompany guests during use of the facilities. Unaccompanied guests will be asked to leave the recreational areas.
C. Posted instructions must be observed throughout community buildings, recreational facilities and common areas.
Window Blinds
White mini-blinds are provided to all residents.  It's the resident's responsibility to replace the blinds if they become damaged.  If we find that the blinds are damaged, we will replace them and charge the resident should the resident fail to replace them in a timely manner.
Waterbeds will be allowed only on the first floor after proof of insurance has been shown. The resident is responsible for damages. Waterbeds are not allowed above first floor units.
A. A resident who wishes to maintain a pet designated as one of the following: a dog, cat,  must enter a Pet Agreement. This will require the resident to pay a $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE pet deposit and a $25.00 per month per pet fee added to your rent.  Limit to one (2) pets not exceeding 25lbs at full growth. Aquariums are restricted to first floor units and must not exceed 200 gallons in size.
B.Residents, who require the services of a trained, handicapped assistance animal, must enter a Pet Agreement.
No flammable material that could present a fire hazard, any material that is hazardous, attracts insects or rodents are not permitted to be stored in your apartment home.
The apartment community supplies dumpsters. Each resident is responsible for putting their garbage in plastic, airtight bags. Each bag must be tied and put into the dumpster.
Smoke detectors are installed in each apartment for your personal safety and well-being. Your smoke detector must be kept in good working condition for the duration of your tenancy. In the event of need of repair, it is your responsibility to contact management immediately.
Arrangements for the installation of telephones must be made directly with the telephone company. If you decide to install a telephone, the outlet provided must be used. Any other arrangement must be discussed with and approved by management.
No outside antenna or dish will be permitted unless approved in advance by management.
A. No bicycles, cars, trucks or other vehicles are permitted on lawns or grassy areas.
B. All bicycles, toys, and sporting equipment must be kept inside the units or in designated storage areas, except when in use. The patio/balconies are not to be used as outside storage.
C. Lawn furniture on the grounds is permitted, but must be returned to the patios/balconies by evening.
D. The use of personal barbecue grills, hibachis, and propane tanks, on the wooden decks are not permitted.
E. Any plantings of shrubs, perennials or annuals become the property of the management at the expiration of tenancy.
F. No exterior structures such as poles, tents or storage sheds will be allowed.
Management will be responsible for clearing the parking areas and sidewalks during the snow season. We ask that during this season that if you see maintenance plowing the lots that you move your cars so that we can clear the lot properly.  All residents are urged to keep the bumper of their cars from going over the edge of the sidewalks making it possible to clear the snow from the entire walkway.
Your apartment home is well built and well equipped. However, over time some things normally wear out. In such cases, the apartment community will make the repairs without charge, except in the case of light bulbs. Semi-annual inspections will be conducted to detect deferred maintenance and equipment in need of replacement.
To report a maintenance repair, call the business office and place a repair request.   We must have permission to enter your apartment to make the repairs in your absence. You will be notified of the date and time when maintenance will be at your apartment home to make any requested repair(s).
You will be billed for any damage that is a result of carelessness or negligence by anyone in your household, or by your guests.
Upon vacating your apartment, a final inspection will be conducted. Charges beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed to you based upon that inspection. You have the right to be present at both the move-in and move-out inspections. To eliminate any contested charges, it is to your advantage to be present. A schedule of these charges is included with your lease agreement and community rules.
Management reserves the right to enter your apartment to make repairs, paint or make periodic inspections. Each resident will be notified at least 24 hours before inspections. If the condition of your apartment is not clean and sanitary, you will be notified in writing and be expected to correct the areas outlined in the notice. If the condition of the apartment has not changed as requested, this may result in the termination of your lease. Inspections will occur at least semi-annually.
Residents who lock themselves out of their apartments during office hours will be charged a flat fee of $25.00 and $100.00 after 5PM which will be added to your rent.  Any damages caused by the resident while attempting to obtain entry will be charged for those damages.
Residents must remove all food, perishables, eating utensils and cooking utensils from all counters and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms prior to any spraying or treatment for pests. All items should be covered, boxed, or otherwise properly protected.
1 Bedroom 1-2 persons
2 Bedroom 1-4 persons
Apartments are to be repainted after every resident moves out. If the apartment should need painting before (24) months of wear, the resident will be charged for the total cost. If a portion of an apartment needs to be painted, the resident will be charged a pro-rated amount based on the actual cost of the painting. Fees are based on the actual cost to paint the apartment.
Apartments will not be painted automatically every three- (3) years if the same resident remains in the apartment. However, if a resident requests for their apartment home to be updated with paint, management may at its discretion supply the paint to be used and the resident will be responsible to pay for all labor charges assessed by the contractor.
Upon move-out, the resident is responsible to have the carpet professionally cleaned. In the event, the carpet is not professionally cleaned; actual charges to professionally clean the carpet will be applied to the resident(s) security deposit. Residents must submit a copy of the actual invoice to verify that the carpet cleaning was performed by a professional service. IN CASE OF PERMANENT DAMAGE TO CARPETING, a photograph of all damages will be taken. Collective charges will be applied against any security deposit(s) held. In the event, the security deposit is insufficient to cover all damages; management at its discretion will seek further legal actions to collect any unpaid balances.
This is to acknowledge that I have read these Rules and Regulations and the manager has explained them to me. I will abide by these Rules and Regulations.
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